Park facilities

  • Parking The CHCC has a parking space for 70 sedans (vehicle control is enforced in summer break; a cleaning fee is required for parking; the fee is deductible when dining at the restaurants in the park).
  • Water Noble Restaurant The restaurant has a space for 350 guests. They can either make single orders or choose any of our set meals (NT$3500-$7000). Please make reservations in advance on holidays..
  • Conference Room The conference room with a space for 100-120 people is equipped with the presentation system..
  • Court CafĂ© and Drinks Supplies coffee and drinks, simple meals, snacks, waffles and delicate pastries..
  • Farm experience activities Tourism fish-farm guide and explanation, fern plants explanation, bee ecology explanation etc..
  • Plant dyeing and DIY Sansha indigo dyeing, plant dyeing, sturgeon wind bell and photo frames, fillet o' sturgeon DIY, seaweed ecology bottle DIY etc.
  • Tourism fish farm Currently the paddlefish, emperor sturgeon, rainbow trout, and Taiwanese river fish are cultured on the farm. There is a fall koi pond for parents and children to feed the lovely koi..
  • Nearby tourist attractions There are various tourist attractions near the park, including the Sansha Bee's World, the Manyeuhyuan Forest Recreation Area, the Yuenshen Fall forest bathing, the tourism fruit farms etc..
  • Local agricultural and fishery specialties All kinds of fillets o' sturgeon, salted rainbow trout, 7-leaf ginseng tea, mountain chicken, tankan (winter), bamboo sprout, wild edible plant (wild edible plant and fruit are seasonal agricultural products).
    *The CHCC provides low-temperature door-to-door delivery service. Please call 02-26720748 for detail..
  • Business hours Park: 08:00-19:00, weekdays; 08:00-19:00, holidays
    Restaurants: 11:30-19:00, weekdays; 11:00-19:00, holidays
    Business contact: 08:00-17:00 at (02) 26720748
    Address: No.154-3, Youmu, Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 23742, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Tel: 02-26720748 Fax: 02-26720911
    ( Mondays Closed )