About FishFarm

chienhu Chuanchi Ecological Farm (CHCC) is a tourism fish farm and theme park combining rich natural resources, local fresh agricultural specialties and the fresh cooking from the Water Nobel Restaurant inside the park. To allow tourists to taste all kinds of gourmet and fresh fish nourished with the clear water upstream the Sansha River, the CHCC has imported rainbow trout, eel, emperor sturgeon, and paddlefish. With special cultured techniques, the CHCC has successfully developed various value-added fish dishes, such as the high mountain rainbow trout dishes which have juicy and sweet meat and are highly nutritional ; and the emperor sturgeon dishes which are tonics for both the human body and skincare and can promote metabolism.

The CHCC also values the preservation of rare fish and thus preserves a wide range of protected species in the park, such as the emperor sturgeon, local fish, paradise fish (Macropodus opercularis Linnaeus), amphibians... It also displays various aquarium species in the tourism fish farm, making the CHCC an ideal place for fish watching and fish ecology education. Groups can make appointments in order to enjoy gourmet fish dishes, learn more about the ecology of fish, and to leisurely wander in the touching world of nature. Other natural resources in the vicinity include the Manyeuhyuan Fall, the Yuenshen Fall, the Zonkon River, the Naa River, the Congken River etc. The CHCC provides a wide range of activities, including fresh fish dishes, conference, barbecue, creative DIY, water game, trout fishing, river excursion, outing and hiking etc to bring tourists a soul trip of nature and ecology where they can see the freshness, taste the gourmet foods, have fun seeing the beautiful scenery and enjoying the wonders in nature.